Certifications and accreditation

ISO 9001

Within a highly competitive market, what makes Nipponflex stand out are the awarded certifications that not only add value to the brand but also make the company seek for its clients’ satisfaction.

Nipponflex received ISO 9001 certification in 2004, proving that its products are trustworthy and follow strict international standards of quality. Since then, this certification is annually renewed.

For the company, the certification is an important tool for the ongoing improvement of its processes and also to help accomplish Nipponflex institutional mission of “manufacturing and selling products of high added value in order to provide a repairing sleep, besides offering a sustainable business opportunity through the ABC selling system and exclusive marketing.

ISO 14001

Nipponflex has been certified with ISO 14001 since 2007 and has been part of a selected group of companies environmentally correct, which develop actions aiming at reducing the impact of their activities in the environment.

Sustainability and environmental responsibility are within Nipponflex activities, regularly monitoring the atmosphere emissions; providing collectors for the right separation of residues giving a destination through a specialized company; making evaluation of its processes aiming at minimizing waste and providing tanks for rainwater harvesting.

As environment preservation is part of the company policies, several environment awareness events are promoted throughout the year in order to scatter the importance of conscious consumption of natural resources. From this, employees themselves are encouraged to suggest improvements to strengthen the culture of environmental management.



Nipponflex has the Operating Permit (AFE) granted by the National Agency of Sanitary Surveillance – ANVISA, according to AFE: P163HMW7L41W.

The Sanitary Surveillance carries out regular inspections, so as to verify that the company’s facilities and processes are under adequate sanitary conditions.
You can also consult it on the ANVISA website.


With the certification of foam mattresses and mattress toppers, Nipponflex assures that its products are in conformity with the performance requirements established by the Decree 35 of February 05, 2021 – INMETRO.

ABNT Product Certification Body (OCP), accredited by INMETRO, annually audits to verify the foam mattresses’ compliance with the requirements specified in the standards and other applicable normative documents.

Policy of the Integrated Management System (SIG)

Nipponflex located in Maringá-PR and distributing its products throughout the national territory, in its process of manufacturing and marketing of mattresses and orthopedic pillows with magnets, long infrared and vibramassager equipment with extremely low frequency energy emitting device (PEMF ELF ), in addition to the marketing of other related products in the Maringá-PR unit, through its Senior Management and team of employees, establishes the following Integrated Management Policy as a way of commitment to quality and the environment:

– Continuously improve its processes, products and services, always seeking continuous improvement and environmental preservation;
– Preventive action against pollution by reducing the environmental impacts related to liquid and solid wastes and atmospheric emissions, taking into account applicable laws and other requirements, always seeking additional improvements;
– Encourage the participation and commitment of suppliers, employees and distributors in the commitment to preserve the environment and to meet customer desires and satisfaction;
– Promote the well-being, professional and personal growth of employees and sales staff;
– Publicize and raise awareness of this policy to everybody who works in this organization or who act on its behalf.

Quality awards