The exclusive marketing system accounts for an unlimited number of Authorized Distributors, framed according to pre-established criteria. End-users get the products only by these A.D.

Nipponflex products are not sold in traditional commerce, are not commercialized in door-to-door system and are not broadcasted in any kind of advertisement in any means of communication. We only sell through our Distributors.

The exclusive marketing system is an authentic, ethical and viable opportunity.

Some key points of Nipponflex Marketing System:

Products: Our departments of research and development in Brazil and in Japan have carried out cutting-edge researches, enabling us to develop high quality products, get certifications of international acknowledgment and expand our business to an international level.

The focus of our marketing system is to promote retail sales, for personal usage, making the customer aware of the product characteristics. For us, a satisfied customer is a perfect candidate to recommend our products.

To learn and develop the business: there is no membership nor monthly fee, no franchise system, no need to buy any material of marketing, publicity or support of sale and/or stocking of products.