Nipponflex works with the most high-tech in modern engineering. With exclusive technologies in its products, the company guarantees a highly repairing sleep to its users.



The Rabatan ® that make up the upper surface of the Nipponflex’s equipments is a profiled hi-tech polyurethane, treated with special products, vulcanized at a temperature of approximately 180 °C.  It has thousands of hardened acupressure points that mimic the fingertips of a massage therapist, providing a relaxing self-massage.  On the Rabatan ® the FIR Bioceramic ® and FIR NG ®, magnetic tablets, are applied and some equipment also has an internal vibromassager.


FIR Bioceramic® FIR NG®

The powerful technologies FIR Bioceramic ® and FIR  NG ® have the capacity of absorbing and storing the electrons coming from the electromagnetic frequency emitted by light. They emit wave frequency from 4 to 14 microns and trillions of vibrations. These technologies are manufactured exclusively for Nipponflex by the worldly renowned Japanese scientist, Dr. Toshio Komuro, who has patents published in 27 countries.

FIR Bioceramic ® and FIR  NG ® are present, in tablet form applied in low relief of Rabatan ®, in the scientific sleeping system and inside Nipponflex pillow.



Biopower is an integrated system of electronic vibromassager and PEMF-ELF patented by Nipponflex.

PEMF-ELF are electromagnetic pulse waves of low frequency (7.83Hz to 86Hz) that had its origin in the theory of quantic physics. The electronic vibromassager, put inside the sleeping system of Nipponflex, offers nine kinds of electronic pleasant and relaxing massages, with pulse vibrations and/or continuous waves of low and high intensity and/or speed for five parts of the body.

While you sleep, let the BIOPOWER SYSTEM act on your body.



RELAX SYSTEM is an electronic vibromassager installed inside Nipponflex’s Sleeping Systems. This technology offers a pleasant and relaxing massage with electronic pulse vibrations, low and high intensity and speed. This Relax System also has five operating areas and 9 different massage modes, which are activated by remote control.




Progressive Density

The Progressive Density applied within the Scientific Sleeping Systems is comprised of several layers of polyurethane using different densities, in order to attend all body types



The embroidery and personalized fabric of Nipponflex equipment has Higiguard treatment (hydro and oil repellent treatment) which decreases the liquid and dust absorption, besides the anti mold and anti mite advanced treatment.




Ferrite Baryon, magnetic tablets emitting electromagnetic waves of about 800 gausses, are applied in specific points of the low relief of the Rabatan ®




Isothermal System

The Isothermal System used in the Scientific Sleeping System is a rigid base of expanded polystyrene, built of a very strong density in order to give support to the progressive density of the product.





Modeling layer

The modeling layer, available in the Slim NG line, is a polystyrene sheet with soft density (D40). It properly supports the Rabatan®.



Electronic system of individual control of density. The system is made up of an orthopedic pneumatic layer situated inside My Number equipment, adjustable by wireless remote control that allows the selection of density in each side of the equipment individually.


Pillow top

Pillow top is a layer on the mattress made up of a Rabatan ® and a sheet of foam, making the product even more comfortable and giving a modern and elegant visual to the product.


Nipponflex “Molejo”

Nipponflex ‘Molejo’ is made up of a spring system working independently of one another in order to keep the stability of the equipment and guarantee more comfort to couples. Besides, its isolating felt covering protects the Progressive Density of the contact with the springs, giving even more security to the equipment


Double pillow

Diamond NG® is the only Nipponflex product with Double Pillow: two special layers added to the equipment, being the superior one made up of a Rabatan® and a comfortable sheet of foam, and the inferior one increasing the stability of the equipment providing a modern and elegant appearance.